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Institut de Cultura La Capella | Barcelona
catalog, 196 pages, many color images | 24 x 19 cm | Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2006 | ISBN 84-7609-769-7

Participant artists in the show

Alexei Kostroma (Russia, *1962), Charif Benhelima (Belgium, *1967), Jevan Balev (Macedonia, *1961),
Elke Marhöfer (Germany, *1967), JM Peze (Cuba, *1967), Martin Dammann (Germany, *1965),
Kerstin Drechsel (Germany, *1966), Peter Kees (Germany, *1965), Assaf (Safy) Etiel (Israel, *1961),
MK Kaehne (Russia/Germany, *1965), Sharam Entekhabi (Iran, *1957), Shin il Kim (South Korea, *1971),
Sefia Hultèn (Sweden, *1972), Stephen Wilks (United Kingdom, *1964), Stuart Mead (United States, *1965), Tere Recarens (Barcelona, *1967).

berlin tendenzen / catalog cover

Preface by Ferran Mascarell i Canalda
(Councilor and President of the Culture, Education and Social Welfare Commission)

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 proclaimed the beginning of changes in the international geopolitical scene, the city, particularly the eastern zone, has become a powerful magnet, attracting artists from all over the world. The availability of large, affordable studio space, combined with the intensity and speed of social change in the German capital, have made Berlin an ideal place for interaction between artists and creatives from widely different origins. — "Berlin Tendenzen" presents one of many possible visions of artistic activity in Berlin today, based on a selection made by the exhibition curators. The show features works by artists from such different countries as Russia, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Spain, Sweden and South Korea, featuring a range of languages and techniques that give an idea of the creative diversity that can be found in Berlin. — Barcelona is a city open to the most innovative currents and the most daring cultural phenomena. Berlin is one of the most active centers in the current international art scene. That is why we feel it is particularly fitting that our city should host this show, offering the people of Barcelona and visitors alike the chance to enjoy the work of artists from different backgrounds who share a fascination for the cosmopolitan, creative, integrating context that is Berlin today.

Stu Mead's contribution to the show

Cobra Killer, 2002, Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm
Portrait of Nadja Korinth, 2004, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40 cm
Hospital Museum, 2003, Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm


Leonie Baumann, director of Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst Berlin (NGBK). — Ellen Blumenstein, former assistant director of Kunstwerke (KW) Berlin, has worked as a curator for the same institution until 2001. — Nuria Enguita Mayo, person in charge for art projects of Fundacio Antoni Tapies. — Marta Gili, director of the Fundacio La Caixa Photography and Visual Arts Department since 1992. — Heinrich Dubel, is a founder and spokesperson for the Haus-Schwarzenberg cultural project in Berlin-Mitte. — Anna-Catharina Gebbers, is an independent curator and lives in Berlin. — Olivier Schulbaum, curator and audiovisual producer for radio and television. — Maribel Lopez, an expert familiar with Barcelona's art scene and art galleries, has worked for the Estrany de la Mota gallery. — Pedro Soler, is the moderator for this session in the forum. — Dennys Matos, critic of art and independent curator. — Ivan de la Nuez, is an essayist and critic.

Comment on Meeting Berlin-Barcelona / Art and the City / Goethe-lnstitut
Berlin Tendenzen

Parallel to the exhibition "Berlin Tendenzen", the Goethe-institute of Barcelona is organising a forum to compare specific conditions in the art scenes of the cities of Berlin and Barcelona. Those taking part in this meeting include the directors of arts promotion bodies, independent curators, art gallery directors and artists from both Berlin and Barcelona. The aim is to present and discuss the diversity of artistic production and to learn about the new art distribution channels in these two cities, establishing a dialogue and an exchange between Berlin and Barcelona. — This forum, a meeting between experts from the two cities, aims to illustrate the wide range of viewpoints that are found when we speak of art in Berlin. We also present something more than this kaleidoscopic vision of the art scene in the German capital through the testimony provided by independent curators and directors and collaborators at artistic institutions who have played a leading role in developing this scene. Parallel to this, we also present representative artistic institutions from Barcelona, also through the testimony of curators or collaborators. The aim behind this is to establish a dialogue and an exchange between the two cities. — The first part of our conference will be dedicated to the representatives and collaborators of two institutions of Berlin - Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst and the Kunstwerke - and two of Barcelona - the Fundacio Antoni Tapies and the Fundacio La Caixa - . They will explain briefly the history and function of their respective institutions, and the roll that these play in the urban and international context. The participants are Leonie Baumann, Ellen Blumenstein, Nuria Enguita and Marta Gili. This first part will be moderated by Ivan de la Nuez, person in charge of the exhibitions program of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona. — The second part of this meeting shows the most current tendencies of the artistic scene. It presents examples of subculture and speaks about the new ways of artistic and/or cultural distribution. Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Heinrich Dubel will represent Berlin. Olivier Schulbaum, from the project Platoniq, and Maribel Lopez, from the gallery Estrany de la Mota will represent Barcelona. This second part will be moderated by Pedro Soler, the technical director of Hangar, Barcelona. — The act will be introduced by the curator of the exhibition "Berlin Tendenzen", Dennys Matos, which will explain his vision about the artistic scene of Berlin and the postulates of the exhibition.